AMD CPUs remain more popular than Intel’s among Puget Systems’ workstation customers


Custom PC builder Puget Systems has released its latest report on the distribution of Intel and AMD CPUs in the workstations it sells, and it’s more good news for AMD. Team red’s processors continue to be found in around six out of every ten systems sold by the company, which temporarily dropped AMD CPUs from its configurations in 2015 because they were so unpopular. As we all know, Lisa Su’s firm has come a long way since then.

In its latest State of the CPU report, Puget System’s William George writes that June saw AMD processors packed into 60% of the workstations it sold, while Intel’s were in 40%. That’s a one percent increase for AMD compared to February, and it looks as if Intel will lose more ground to its rival in July.

Another interesting stat is that 59% (32 in total) of the builder’s recommended configurations are AMD workstations, while there are 22 Intel options, mirroring the pair’s sales split. “The ratio there almost exactly matches the 60:40 split we are seeing these days in actual sales, which is fascinating since some of these systems are far more popular than others,” writes George.

It’s not just Puget Systems where AMD is taking the lead. Ryzen processors continue to dominate Amazon’s best-selling CPU chart, holding eight places in the top ten. Intel’s highest entry, the Core i5-10600K, is at number seven. And this is all despite availability issues stemming from the strain put on TSMC’s manufacturing processes due to huge demand.

One area that hasn’t been as positive for AMD is the Steam Hardware survey. After months of chipping away at Intel’s CPU lead and finally passing a 30% share in May, AMD lost ground in June, experiencing a decline of -1.72%. But the last time AMD saw a fall—December 2020—it was followed by five months of gains.