Drivers desperate to know more about mysterious ‘I’m sorry Tom’ sign on motorway


A person seemed to have done a certain “Tom” terribly wrong, so much so, they left a huge banner publicly apologising for their behaviour on the side of a motorway.

A cryptic banner mysteriously appeared on a motorway in the UK, leaving people driving by both amused as well as confused.

Klaire Harvey, Director of The Head to Toe Clubfoot Charity, made her friends and family scratch their heads as she posted a picture of the huge sign Facebook.

Spotted on the motorway, the sign simply reads: “I’m sorry Tom, please forgive me xxx”

As reported by The Daily Star, the charity worker captioned the image: “I’ve never wanted to know what someone has done MORE than now!!”

Before she knew it, Klaire’s social media page was inundated with comments as the photo quickly spread across the internet.

The anonymous person who appeared to have issued a public apology to whoever Tom may be, stuck the huge banner on a fence next to a major Essex roundabout in Rayleigh.

The sign was later identified as being located near the A127 junction, leaving many locals, especially drivers, eager to know who the author was and what exactly they had done to Tom.

Regardless, most people thought above-all, that the banner was funny.

A Facebook friend of Klaire wrote: “It’s the missing apostrophe in I’m. Unforgivable if you ask me.”

Another wrote: “We just drove past this.”

A third joked the signwriter had: “Either spent too much in home bargains or bought too many crystals.”

More Essex locals started sharing their own photos of the banner as they drove past the curious and public remorseful plea.

As the sign quickly became a popular topic of interest, Klaire went on to post a series of screenshots she had taken from various headlines covering the peculiar story along with her photo.

In her new Facebook post she wrote: “Local Facebook groups, local papers and the national tabloids are all running with my story.

“Could this kind of exposure make an enormous impact on my little charity? Yes.

“But is it just as important that we find out who Tom is? Yes” along with a smiley emoji face.

One of Klaire’s Facebook acquaintances commented: “It’s been bugging me for days now.”

Despite gaining national recognition, the identity of “Tom”’s apologiser is a mystery that has yet to be solved.