Woman shares her ‘game-changer’ hack to French plait hair quickly and easily


A woman who used to struggle to braid her own hair shared an easy tutorial to replicate her “cute” hairstyle – and people were left stunned at how easy it is.

A woman has gone viral after sharing her “quick and easy” method of braiding hair – and people absolutely love it.

Harmony Miller uploaded a video tutorial to her TikTok account, which has now been viewed more than 4.1 million times, as she captioned the clip: “If you don’t know how to French plait do this!!”

After seeing others post videos using the technique, Harmony gave it a go herself and just a few minutes later showed off the impressive results.

She says: “Girls, if you don’t know how to French plait, and your hair is in an absolute state like this, please do this hairstyle.

“It is a bloody game-changer. I just don’t understand why I’ve never thought of this before.”

She begins the technique by parting her hair down the middle and giving it a brush, before taking a strand from the front of her head, a second from “underneath”, and begins twisting them around one another.

Harmony explained: “Each time you add a little bit more to the twist, you still only have two pieces all the time.

“Once you’ve twisted it down to the bottom here you just separate into three bits and you start plaiting.” You can see the full tutorial in the video above.

Harmony added her own personal touch at the end, adding bobby pins to hold the hairstyle in place.

As she revealed the gorgeous looking and perfectly symmetrical braids, she said: “There it is finished. So quick, so easy, and it is so cute.”

The video quickly went viral as people loved the results, with one commenting: “This has changed my whole life. Thank you for this.”

A second vouched for the technique, writing: “Been doing this for years cuz I got a short fringe and can’t tie it up with the rest of my hair.”

A third said: “Omg you life saver ahhaha.”

And an appreciative mum commented: “I tried this in my 8 year old’s hair. She loved it x.”